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Meet Your Massage Therapist - Celine Barrica

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

“Hello my name is Celine Barrica. I am a massage therapist at Noe Valley Integrative Bodywork. I would describe my bodywork as a combination of many styles. I do specialize in people with trauma, injuries, pain management, and also prenatal and postpartum work.  

I like to be flexible and have as many “tools in my toolbox” to tailor to the needs of the people I work with. I believe the most important part of my work is listening and being able to adapt and meet my clients needs because our bodies are constantly changing on so many levels. My focus is to create a safe space for us to explore those things that you need support around right now. I enjoy working with anyone open and willing to make an effort towards better health or to simply relax.

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Massage and bodywork found me more than I found it! I had fallen very ill after finishing highschool and I met an acupuncturist who introduced me to healing outside of the conventional western medicine system. I’ve always had a passion for helping people and now I found an outlet to do just that through massage.

I absolutely love the fact that my work allows me to be a detective, an artist, and a healer all at once! I get to combine art, presence, and problem-solving all into one. It keeps me engaged, and whether I see someone regularly or for the first time, everyone is different from day to day, so I’m getting to experience and work with someone new every time. 

One thing I do to take care of myself is I get on my motorcycle and I go on a ride at least once a week. Sometimes I just pick a direction without a destination (but I mostly end up on a beach or in a forest). It is my meditation practice. I’m often on a very tight schedule and structured lifestyle, so my motorcycle rides give me freedom to be free and have personal time to reflect and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.”


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