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Meet Your Massage Therapist - Sergio Saez

Tell us a bit more about your experience: 

"I am an honors graduate from the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program at the National Holistic Institute. In the course of my career, I've worked for a number of Chiropractors and Acupuncturists in California and Florida and I specialize in therapeutic massage.  

Working for doctors for many years has taught me to how to support clients ion their road to a pain-free lifestyle. I sincerely cherish being part of a healing plan, and am dedicated to help my clients find relaxation, rejuvenation and wellbeing.  

How are your sessions unique?

I provide a mix of strong deep tissue / trigger point techniques that focuses on breaking knots and scar tissue. I also use soothing music in each session to guide me into a pattern of repetitive strokes and constant movement resembling a Swedish massage. This combination results in a session that’s both effective at dealing with musculoskeletal chronic pain and deeply relaxing.

Why do you love this work?

I previously worked as flight attendant for a big American airliner, and being a massage therapist has helped me deal with my own stress levels. The one on one quality of massage therapy is more compatible with my quiet, reflexive nature and I do believe my hands carry a certain level of healing power. This profession has also forced me to take a closer look at my own body and take care of it more consciously.  I keep myself in shape by working out daily and pay attention to what I eat. And every two weeks I get an hour of deep tissue work as well.

I hope to meet you at Noe Valley Integrative Bodywork soon!" 

NOTE: Sergio's sessions are popular and fill up! 


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